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SphereCom understands that effective security solutions and risk management programs are critical to the mission success of our defense, federal government, and commercial customers.

Information Assurance and System Security Services - Information technology systems and data are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats from environmental disruptions, unintentional human errors, equipment failures, and intentional attacks.  As cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, organizations must focus on providing adequate information security and a program for managing security risks to their information systems.

Security Compliance Support – Various rules and regulations require companies to maintain baseline levels of cybersecurity.  In the event a breach occurs because those levels are not met, companies can be subject to significant fines, fees, penalties, and punitive consequences.  Compliance demonstrates how a security program meets specific security standards as laid out by regulatory and compliance organizations. 

Telecommunications Engineering Services – Organizations are highly dependent on secure telecommunications systems in conducting day-to-day business activities.  Building security into the initial design of telecommunications systems is critical to protecting the privacy and security of customer data during transmission. 

Business Support Services – Sound policies, procedures and corporate organizational structures are key to continued short-term and long-term business growth.